E-Commerce solutions refer to conducting business online over the Internet. This includes buying and selling products online, business to business transactions, inter company communication, company management systems and much more.

E - Commerce Solution

E-Commerce development is an exceptionally cost effective way of conducting your business, generating extra profit and delivering better service to your customers.

DCS is a reliable ecommerce solution provider. We will professionally design custom E-Commerce solutions for you.

Content Management System

Content Management System we can also call it a Website Management System. It allows you to easily update your site from anywhere exclusiverly for use by our customer. It allow you to easily update your site from anywhere with internet connection you will be able to upload files, edit text and add/remove items from products database. In addition you can also add/delete change description, upload images/photos and even add/delete/rename new pages, categories or sub categories

We provide you rich text editor with friendly Microsoft Word interface. It allows anybody to create links, bold words, or add color with a single click. the editor works on a WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) basis. Microsoft Word like interface, familiar to anyone. Virtually no training is needed by authorized business users familiar with a word processor. They can simply begin creating or editing Web content immediately. Copy and Paste content from Windows applications. You can change text, you can change fonts, you can change colors, you can add or delete images, you can work with tables and you can import any text from a word document, you can edit at you heart's content. This editor requires no separate application (ActiveX control or DLLs) to be installed or uploaded.


A robust mailing list utility lets you easily manage unlimited lists in a feature rich environment: unlimited mailing lists, test newsletter, visual message queue that displays the status of newsletter, send to multiple lists, duplicate removals, personalized mass mailings, message archive, block e-mail addresses, manage list settings.

Content Recovery

Software take automatically regular backup which stores a number of versions of data for later use. Rollback is the process of restoring those backup versions, or replacing the current data with a backup version. It will allow you to restore your site if it is defacted hacked. At the begining of each day the sytem create a new backup file for the entire MySQL database.

Database design ( Relational Database Design )

A logical and well structured database design is the solid foundation of a business.

W e are experts in the design of relational databases. A well structured relational database allows you to efficiently create and manage accounts for customers (online and off-line), track orders and shipments, manage shipping and handling, inventory and categorize your products, define services, create reports and schedules, automatically update your infrastructure, turn features on and off, track periodical subscriptions, analyze data, store test results, and much more.

Maintaining reliable, accurate, non-redundant, and up-to-the-minute data is crucial to every business. As your business grows you need a database design and management system that will easily expand to meet your needs. If your data is critical to your business, a solid database design and management system is a must.

From SQL implemented database management software, to database backup and restoration automation, to automatic reports and views generation, We have an affordable and expert solution for your business. We have designed and implemented both operational and analytical database designs. We will work with you to implement a solid database design for your business that will serve as a reliable backbone as your business grows.

Ranger Point of Sale System

Ranger POS has helped thousands of restaurants manage their store operations more effectively over the years. With over 150 installations and over 10 value added reseller around the BC, Ranger POS has both the experience and resources to handle POS automation projects of any size