DCS TECHNOLOGIES is a leading Software Development Company that provides custom solutions for small businesses. Exclusively dedicated to hospitality industry, we bring solutions to your specific needs so that the work can be done right way. We make use of state-of-the-art and cutting-edge technology and pay special attention to the ease of use.

DCS Front Desk Hotel Motel, Property Management Software (PMS)

For hotel industry, we have introduced an easy-to-use hotel software, known as DCS FrontDesk. A perfect software solution for hospitality industry, this comprehensive software suite comes integrated with modules for many aspects of hotel management. Often touted as Property Management System in the hospitality industry, this special class of software is perfect to be used at hotels, military guest houses, motels, resorts, inns, lodges, hostel, suites, ranch, apartments, medical centres and bed, breakfast operations. A few of the important modules that come built-in the PM Software are: Hotel Management Software, Hotel Reservation Software (Billing Software), Hotel Reception Software and Hotel accounting software. All the modules and programs in this lodging software are closely incorporated and come at no additional cost.

Fully compatible with Microsoft Windows operating system (OS), the motel management software, all in all, is a general purpose hospitality software and improves the experience of both guest as well as host. Accept commission free unlimited reservation from your website.

Hotel Reservation Software for your website - DCS Hotel EIS With GDS/IDS

DCS has also introduces online hotel reservation software christened as DCS Hotel Enterprise Information System []. This is industry's first enterprise system that proffers a comprehensive solution for your own hotel website. The system also offers a 2-way (bi-directional) interface with DCS FrontDesk (Property Management Software) for perfect integration.

It comes closely incorporated with Pegasus GDS and allows interfaces for, Expedia, Travelocity,, Orbitz, Hotwire and many more industry leading IDS networks. Our PMS/DCS Hotel EIS is connected to our affiliated GDS/IDS network that allows you to control your inventory and rates at a single point. Reservations get automatically downloaded to PMS. Sell your last available room without overbooking concerns.

DCS Point of Sale - Point of Sale Software (POS)

DCS-POS is general purpose Point of Sale software that tracksDCS-POS, a general purpose Point of Sale software, keeps track of retail outlets' sales. Hotels, restaurants, theme parks, bar, night club, resorts, cruise ships and retail shops can make use of this independent application to manage all kinds of Point of Sale (POS) activities.

DCS CallLogging

DCS also introduces its DCS-CL software that offers full call accounting capabilities like a sophisticated call calculator. This capability could be utilized to configure most demanding set of rules in calculating call costs. If used with our hotel software DCS-FD, the calls can automatically be posted to the room folios. The software is also compatible with all PABX or PBX systems worldwide.

OPDC - Multiple Property Data Collection Software

As a pioneer in software development, we have also brought in an online property data collection (OPDC, ) tool for hotel management companies that can be used to manage a group of hotels. This software comes integrated with easy-to-use tools that help in retrieving, storing and analyzing operational data to monitor and compare hotels' performances.

Ranger Point of Sale System

Ranger POS has helped thousands of restaurants manage their store operations more effectively over the years. With over 150 installations and over 10 value added reseller around the BC, Ranger POS has both the experience and resources to handle POS automation projects of any size