Introducing DCS Technologies Inc., DCS SERVICES

DCS Technologies is a Vancouver based IT service company, pleased to offer business communities technical solutions to meet their needs such as Point of Sale hardware & software, Digital Signage, Surveillance Cameras, Search Engine Optimization, Website Designing, Online Ordering and much more.

With 18 years of experience, we helped more than 1500 businesses all over Canada manage their store operations more effectively over the years. For any kind of business, we provide innovative (Point of Sale) POS systems and all other technical solutions for hospitality, entertainment, petroleum, convenience and retail environments.

Point of Sales (POS)

Ranger POS is general purpose Point of Sale software that tracks Ranger POS, a general purpose Point of Sale software, keeps track of retail outlets' sales.

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Video Surveillance

VideoSurveillance is a trusted virtual security integrator for enterprises and organizations alike, specializing in customized surveillance systems.

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DCS Technologies offers our customers the option of onsite service by an A+ certified technician..

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Website designing

Are you looking for the best web design Company in Canada? If yes, then we can make your dreams come true with our impeccable services.

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Our people are our most important competitive resource; ultimately people determine our reputation and vitality.
We respect and value input and opinion, and encourage self-improvement, innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurialism.

  • Computer Consultancy

    Bonding relationship with clients.

  • Networking Solutions

    Client Intimacy.

  • Digital Video Surveillance

    Confidentiality with respect to work .

  • POS Solution for Restaurant and Retail industry

    Reflective atmosphere .

  • Web Marketing Solution

    Independent business objectives.


We are one stop solution for all your technologies need in British Columbia. With over 9 years experience you can be assured that you will receive professional and prompt services with quality second to none. To lead in the various avenues of Software Outsourcing market, implement novel ideas in project development and deliver cost effective and required solutions to its prospective clients.

To earn global administration as an IT Outsourcer, by building and maintaining long lasting relationship with people and technology and deliver functional software and excellent services.

Web Designing

Website Designing Services offered by DCS a Website Designing Company in Canada..

E - Commerce Solution

E-Commerce solutions refer to conducting business online over the Internet..

Web hosting Services

We have always strived to be the best and the most cost efficient at providing the internet community with premium web hosting.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site.


our customers the option of onsite service.

Gift/Loyality Card

Full Color Printing, Solid Plastic Card.


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Ranger Point of Sale System

Ranger POS has helped thousands of restaurants manage their store operations more effectively over the years. With over 1500 installations and over 10 value added reseller around the BC, Ranger POS has both the experience and resources to handle POS automation projects of any size